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The main ingredients used in this product are Jaggery and Jeera. Take one Ladoo 2 times in a day. It is useful for all types of body pain, inflammation, increases immunity. It is natural detox for your body.

1. Immunity and Weight Loss

One of the foremost advantages of the concoction is that it boosts the immune system of the body by promoting a heightened production of white blood cells.

Apart from that, the concoction is especially beneficial for weight loss. That said, we would like to insist that as far as weight loss is concerned, depending solely upon the mixture will not give you the desired results. This alternative merely serves as a catalyst to the overall purpose.

2. Reduces bloating

One of the most common and uncomfortable health conditions today is flatulence, or in common terms bloating. This is especially prevalent with people who exert minimal to zero physical activity. Coupled with irregular food timings, this leads to severe acidity, acid reflexes and worst-case scenario, stomach ulcers.

On one such occasion, consuming jaggery and cumin seeds is a good option. Since jaggery and cumin act as an excellent neutralizer, it has the ability to reduce stomach acidity to a considerable degree. It is worth mentioning that jaggery is also rich in iron. Consuming a small quantity every day ensures your daily dose of iron intake. 

3. Keeps body temperature in check

A rise in body temperature may occur due to many reasons. For instance, undigested food can also contribute to the abnormal heating up of the body.

When the body is running high on temperature for a while, it may lead to complications like fever and headache or more complex phenomena at times. Regulation of body temperature is a significant process. This maintains the psychosomatic balance which is integral to the normal functioning of the organs.

4. Regulates menstrual cycle

When we say women, we surely cannot ignore hormonal intricacies and imbalances. Throughout her lifetime, a woman goes through several hormonal changes starting from early teens the to late 50s.

Cumin Seeds and Jaggery
Cumin Seeds and Jaggery

5. Prevents constipation

The erratic lifestyle we follow today has damaged our health in a number of ways and constipation is one of the damages thanks to the consumption of fried and oily foods on a regular basis. With equally slackened consumption of water, the problem has only escalated.

6. Reduces overall body pain

One of the most disturbing anomalies in the human body is the problem of arbitrary inflammation. A majority of the population tends to suffer from the instances of acute inflammation, thanks to leading an unhealthy lifestyle, not to mention the erratic dietary habits.

Cumin and jaggery water contains the essential anti-inflammatory properties that are required to help boost the flow of blood across the somatic sphere.

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