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            Ingredient: 100% Shankhapushpi Powder.

            Directions to take: Mix 1 teaspoon of Shankpushpi Powder with 1 glass of warm water to get maximum benefits.

            Health benefits Of Shankhapushpi Powder:

            • Improves Cognitive Functioning
            • Reduces Mental Fatigue
            • Shankhpushpi for Depression
            • Enhances Cardiac Functioning
            • Stimulates Digestion
            • Augments Skin Health
            • Prevents Headache
            • Shankhpushpi for Insomnia

            • Shankhpushpi provide relief from stress, anxiety, tension, and headaches because it have a calming effect on the brain. Moreover, it may also regulate stress hormones in the brain and promote the smooth circulation of blood in the brain.

            • This herbal powder may also fight depression and may find its use in mental disorders. Furthermore, it may help in memory functions and may improve concentration. Therefore, it may be a useful brain tonic for memory functions.

            • Shankhpushpi powder may also help in conditions like insomnia and epilepsy. Thus, it may be a complete nervous system stabilizer. You can also say, it may the best brain supplement in the world.

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