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    Ingredient:  100% Jamun Seed Powder.

    Directions to take:  Take 3 gm of powder 1 to 2 times per day.

    Health Benefits Of Jamun Seeds

    • Promotes Immunity
    • It has digestive and liver stimulant properties
    • Helps in glucose metabolism
    • Helps proper functions of liver
    • Helps raise insulin secretion from the pancreas

    1. Help Manage Diabetes

    Jamuns are best known for their ability to regulate blood sugar level. Jamun seeds contain compounds called jamboline and jambosine that reduce the rate at which sugar is released into the bloodstream,also increase the production of insulin.

    2. Boosts Stomach Health

    Jamun seeds can be used to manage a number of stomach-related issues effectively. Jamuns are rich is fibre content that helps improve the functioning of the digestive system. Jamun seeds can also be used as oral medication to combat sores, inflammation and ulcers in the intestines.

    3. Helps Regulate Blood Pressure

    Jamun seeds may prove to be a boon for people dealing with hypertension as the seed extract of the fruit contains a type of antioxidant called ellagic acid that may help in keeping a check on rapid fluctuations of blood pressure.

    4. Boost Immunity

    Jamun seeds contain powerful antioxidants like flavonoids and also phenolic compounds that help keep harmful free radicals at bay.

    5. Aids Weight Loss

    Since jamun is rich in fiber, it may help keep tummy sated and propel weight loss process.

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